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About Us
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Serving Texas & The Gulf with PLIDCO Pipeline Repair Fittings

PQI is Texas and The Gulf’s most responsive provider of high quality pipeline repair fittings to the oil and gas fields. PQI also has the world’s most extensive supply of PLIDCO pipeline repair products, maintaining a very large inventory of repair clamps, riser repair weld + ends, mechanical flanges and related items to meet your emergency needs.

PQI’s Business is Emergency Pipeline Repair

PQI’s pledge is a live person on the phone to answer your immediate questions, and product pulled from stock and on its way to your job site in one-to-two hours or better. Immediate answers, fast response, and a large in-stock inventory of the products you need for emergencies.

Veteran Pipeline Repair People

When you deal with PQI, you are dealing directly with individuals who have been responding to pipeline repair problems for more than twenty-five years. They understand the problems. They know what you need — beyond even the fittings. And they are prepared to do whatever it takes to make your pipeline repair successful.