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Custom Fittings
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Do You Have a Hard-to-Solve
Pipeline Repair Problem?

18x18x6 hot tap saddle

PLIDCO engineers and pipeline repair specialists have been very successful at developing repair fittings and products that solve specific challenges to pipelines both onshore and offshore.  Let’s discuss some of the biggest challenges you are facing!

We Can Create Fittings for Your Unique Repair Challenges

The fittings illustrated here have been picked at random from among many “specials” we have designed and manufactured.

From the beginning, an important part of our business has been developing and fabricating custom fittings for specific conditions…often on an emergency basis…frequently from phoned-in or faxed information.

We welcome the chance to work out a solution for any problem involving piping repair and maintenance. If we do come up with an answer you may ask, “But what if it doesn’t work?”

Your assurance of a successful solution is our established policy of a money-back guarantee. If the correct information is given, PLIDCO® designs and manufactures the fitting, it is installed according to our instructions, and does not do the job, your money will be refunded.

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