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Accurate Measurements with the PLIDCO Ovality+Gauge

ovality gauge

Measures Outside Surfaces of Pipes in Low Visibility Conditions

The PLIDCO® Ovality+Gauge is designed to accurately measure the outside surface of a pipe, particularly during limited conditions of reduced visibility underwater. A circular cross section, free of any indentations or flat spots that would adversely affect the sealing properties of a PLIDCO® repair fitting, can be confirmed using the PLIDCO® Ovality+Gauge.

The measurement is accomplished by taking six diametric readings around the pipe in a single plane. The PLIDCO® Ovality+Gauge is a full encirclement, hinged device with adjustable gauging screws oriented radially inward. It provides accurate pipe configuration on six planes. Although PLIDCO® split fittings are capable of reshaping pipe that is as much as 5% out of round, is necessary to know the exact configuration for orientation of the split line. To accomplish this, a PLIDCO® Ovality+Gauge is used.



• Marine epoxy paint for corrosion protection & increased visibility

• Plated studs & nuts

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