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Power+Grip Connector
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Permanent Repair of Pit Hole Leaks and Bullet Holes

A No-Weld, Underwater Solution

The PLIDCO® Power+Grip is designed for safe, easy and reliable replacement of underwater risers, connection of off-shore systems, pipeline spool piece repair, pipeline reroutes and abandonments, structural repairs and valve or tee installations. The fitting requires no welding and there is minimal pipe end preparation for installation. The diver friendly PLIDCO® Power+Grip has a double row of packing Plidco Power Grip Connector Cutaway

PLIDCO® Power Grip Connector CutawayPlidco Power Grip Connector Cutawaywith a test port between the rows to prove seal integrity before pressurizing the line. The fully mechanical PLIDCO®Power+Grip accepts external loading and offers a generous end gap adjustment of 1/2 the pipe diameter as well as oversized and undersized pipe tolerance. The integrated grips are designed for powerful structural attachment to the pipe. The seal and grip actuations work independently. The fitting is able to be removed, reconditioned by PLIDCO® and re-used. It is in compliance with ASME Section VIII Div. 1 and NACE options are available upon request.


Available in standard sizes 600#-900# class 2”-12”. Special sizes, diameters, pressures and lengths are available upon request. Buna-N packing is standard. Viton, Silicone, and other packing options are available upon request.

Standard Body Material:

-ASTM A106 Gr. C

-ASTM A105

-ASTM A516 Gr. 70

-Marine epoxy paint

Standard Bolting Materials:

-A193 Gr. B7 PTFE coated studs

-A194-2H PTFE coated nuts


-NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 compliant material

-Anodes for corrosion protection

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