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A Better Way To Do Line Plugging


The PLIDCO® Shear + Plug is the Industry’s Most Reliable
Solution for High Pressure, High Temperature Line Plugging

  • 600-2200 psi High Pressure Capability
  • +600oF High Temperature Capability
  • 100% Success Rate at 1-8 inch applications (ANSI Class 900)

Shear + Plug Handles the Pressure Where Others Fail
Maintenance and repair of ultra high pressure, high temperature steam pipelines have often required plant shutdowns. The PLIDCO® Shear + Plug has provided a safe and reliable way to isolate the problem while keeping your system running. PLIDCO® has successfully been brought into a number of applications where other methods have failed.

Metal-to-Metal Seal + Sealant Back-up
The PLIDCO®Shear + Plug solves this problem, providing a positive metal-to-metal seal against high-pressure, high-temperature steam (other fluids will be considered on application basis). In addition, a sealant is applied to further strengthen the isolation. Standard units are available in sizes of 1-8 inches and for pressures up to 2220 PSI. The Shear + Plug is impervious to flow rate, making it ideal for boiler feed applications.


When is Shear + Plug the Best Solution?

  •  High Pressure Line Plugging from 600-2200 psi
  •  High Temperature Line Plugging Over 600oF
  •  A bad or inoperable valve
  •  A header system without the ability to isolate a section without complete shutdown
  •  A pipeline with a high flow rate such that standard plugging techniques are inadequate
  •  A pipeline with a non-homogeneous inside diameter
  •  A pipeline that needs to remain in a plugged condition for an extended period of time

Better Technology + Quality Process
A double acting hydraulic cylinder accomplishes the shear through, positions the sealing blind plate, and also retracts it. No shell cutter is used to enter the pipe which eliminates potential problems. The complete one piece coupon is pushed into the receptacle housing for easy, complete retrieval. All applications are performed by PLIDCO® employees….

  • PLIDCO® maintains a complete test facility that includes test boiler and blow up chamber for ongoing testing and improvement
  • Each unit goes through numerous tests prior to being put into stock
  • Technicians with years of experience worldwide. Subject to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality systems.

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