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Repair Pit Hole Leaks and Bullet Hole Leaks Without Shutting Line Down

Locates And Stops Pit-Hole Leaks

The lightweight, easily handled PLIDCO® Smith+Clamp is designed to shut off high pressure leaks. Its exclusive pilot pin makes it possible to locate pit-hole leaks in piping, even if they can’t be seen.

So simple and sensible is the PLIDCO® Smith+Clamp design that it can be installed by a blindfolded person…certainly in darkness or on a pipeline submersed in water or oil.

The pilot pin guides the cone point into the pit-hole. Pressure is then applied behind cone by a forcePlidco Smith+Clamp Product Line screw – not by drawing bolts on opposite side of the pipe. The drawbolt at the bottom of the fitting only holds the clamp in place. Exerting pressure directly on the cone eliminates danger of caving in badly corroded pipe. Line pressure need not be reduced during installation. Available in sizes 1-1/2” through 48”. Special sizes on application.

Requires much lower bolting pressure

Since the point of the PLIDCO®Smith+Clamp cone is centered exactly on the leak, a minimum of force is required to shut-off the leak. For example, a 1/8” diameter hole is 0.012 square inches in area. At a pipeline pressure of 1000 psig only 12 pounds of force is needed to push the cone into the leak.

In this example, the pipe wall is roughly corroded over an area of 3 square inches surrounding the hole. This is by no means an unusual condition but it is very difficult for the ordinary clamp because it will require over 3000 pounds of force to shut off this same leak.

A. Pilot pin (1/16” dia. stainless steel wire) goes down through center of force screw and cone, locates hole, guides cone point (D) to trouble spot.

B. Steel packing force-screw. Turned with wrench, it forces point of cone into leaking hole. Additional wrenching pressure flattens cone into flat disc shape.

C. Thrust washer. Permits force-screw (B) to turn without rotating cone.

D. Pointed cone serves as leak packing. Standard cone is Buna-N. Other packings available on application.

*Pressure rating up to 2000 psig working pressure, depending upon leak area and temperature.

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